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Personal Financial Planning Partners

Main Line Financial Advisors is different because we have assembled a seasoned team of multi-disciplined experts to advise you as your financial future evolves but our process is also distinct. Main Line Financial Advisors knows that sound financial guidance must involve more than simply giving advice on choosing investments and we take a more holistic approach — taking time to understand each client’s unique situation, lifetime goals, and specific needs.

5 Step Process

Whether the goal is to maintain, preserve or create wealth, Main Line Financial Advisors partners with clients of all sizes through a five-step process that can be sequential or occur simultaneously depending on the specific goals and priorities.

  1. Tax planning for tax savings
  2. Investment planning for potentially greater returns
  3. Insurance planning to help protect assets
  4. Retirement planning for financial independence or freedom after 55
  5. Estate planning to transfer wealth to intended beneficiaries

Principles of Organized Planning

Main Line Financial Advisors helps clients organize their complex financial lives. All advisors and assets are consolidated in the same place at the same time making decisions easier to make and portfolios easier to manage. With MLFA, personal investors realize a single platform through which all of financial matters — assets, private documents, financial plans, retirement plans, estate plans and taxes — are manageable and managed well.

Main Line Financial Advisors organizes assets, insurance and your financial and estate plans to help simplify, consolidate, and integrate every aspect of your financial future.

Various Financial Planning Services

Comprehensive Financial Plans

Designed to give you a complete financial "physical" by providing a detailed road map to help you succeed, comprehensive financial plans define on-going professional consultation to help you meet your financial goals and objectives.

Focused Financial Plan

Specific in-depth analysis of one or two financial areas such as retirement, college funding, tax planning, or estate planning.

Financial Consulting

When you need answers to specific questions and want professional financial advice, our financial professionals are available to assist you on an hourly fee basis.

Ancillary Services

Over the years, Main Line Financial Advisors has developed an understanding of the diverse needs of our existing and potential clients. We maintain relationships with many of the most experienced financial service professionals in the region, prepared to support your personal financial goals and to provide the kind of expertise you need in related fields:

  • Banking 
  • Property & Casualty Insurance 
  • Accounting 
  • Pension Administration 
  • Legal Services 
  • Third Party Administrators 
  • Payroll Services
  • Mortgage Brokerage Services

Please contact Main Line Financial Advisors today so that we can help you and your family become better prepared for a promising future.

Financial Planning & Wealth Management Services

Retirement Planning

Everyone approaches their retirement differently and Main Line Financial Advisors collaborates with individuals and families to formulate custom plans that are realistic.

Some people focus on financial matters which, while undeniably important, should not be the only concern. Main Line Financial Advisors helps you examine the entire retirement picture. We help you through all aspects of plan design and, once a proper design has been chosen, you will want to select investments which satisfy your criteria, such as investment objectives, performance history, management, fee disclosure and risk diversification, just to name a few.

Financial Planning

Main Line Financial Advisors collaborates with you to design a plan that you and your family can live with to most realistically meet specific goals for living, retirement funding, higher education and more.

Utilizing our six-step Financial Planning Process, MLFA can work with your existing professionals and utilize our powerful alliance of experts to help achieve your financial objectives.

1. Gather information:

MLFA assesses your current situation, asking the right questions and evaluating your financial universe's unique challenges and opportunities.

2. Define goals:

Together we determine your financial objectives and your time frame for reaching them. Then we help you establish your priorities.

3. Analyze data:

We create a detailed, understandable financial picture to assist you in reaching your multiple goals.

4. Create a plan:

We design a personalized financial plan including tax, investment, retirement, education, estate and risk management options, but you make the final choice on implementation.

5. Plan implementation:

We provide a prioritized "to do" list and work with you and other professionals to implement your financial plan.

6. Review and update your plan:

MLFA reviews your plan periodically to ensure it reflects changes in your life and in the marketplace.

Fees and Compensation
Main Line Financial Advisors will develop a fully comprehensive financial plan for a competitive fixed fee, or you may hire us on an hourly basis. Please contact one of our representatives for more information. Once the financial plan is established, reviews will be scheduled on a periodic basis.

Estate Planning & Trust Services

Estate planning is often difficult to discuss, because it forces us to come to terms with our own mortality. Yet it is something you need to talk about openly with your loved ones today.

Main Line Financial Advisors tactfully helps you create an estate planning strategy that meets your unique needs.

The Benefits of an Estate Plan:

  • Directs more of your net worth to your heirs
  • Helps to minimize income taxes and probate fees
  • Designates charitable gifts
  • Declares your personal care preferences, including terminal medical treatment and organ donation intentions
  • Distributes your assets as you intended
  • Provides funds to cover funeral expenses, as well as possible long term care costs
  • Ensures business succession
  • Designates heirs

Investment & Wealth Management

Main Line Financial Advisors offers investment management services for individuals and families who have neither the time nor the desire to manage their own investments.

As you define your investment objectives, we will work with you to select a portfolio and design a plan to meet those objectives.

The Advantages of Investment Management:

  • Regular monitoring of investment performance
  • Objective decision-making
  • Regular communication
  • Confidentiality from experienced advisors
  • Persistent and prudent methods of investing

Tax & Accounting Services

The majority of Main Line Financial Advisors' clients started with us in our role as tax advisors.

Eventually households understand the benefit of working with a professional tax team that can introduce strategy and planning throughout the year and become a reliable, consistent resource. That relationship can then evolve into other advisement services with the objective and independent Main Line Financial Advisors collaborating on your entire financial picture.

Several basic tax planning techniques can help MLFA save money for individuals:

  • Shifting income and deductions
  • Tax deferral through qualified plans
  • Tax exclusion through proper investments
  • Shifting of income among family members

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